taekwondo belt order

Everything You Wanted to Know About Tae Kwon Do Belts But Was Shy to Ask

Depending on each Academy there are different levels of Taekwondo belts but all academies should have the following belts apart of their program or taekwondo belt order.

In this article, you will learn about what each belt means and when you will receive this belt. The following belts are listed in order from beginner to expert level taekwondo belts. Remember that in each martial art the rankings differ slightly and also remember that depending on which academy you are apart of there may be more or fewer belts that you will have to work through.

White Belt

This is the belt that everyone starts out with. This is the beginner taekwondo belt in the taekwondo belt order. A white belt symbolizes innocence and new beginnings. This is your first and most important step within your taekwondo journey.

No matter how strong you are, or how good you are at the techniques you will have to have the patience to continue through. It takes about 36 hours of training to move on to a yellow belt.

As you grow and get stronger you will progress through the Taekwondo rankings, also known as the belt order.

Yellow Belt

In most schools, the yellow taekwondo belt will be your next step in your journey as you work your way up the belt order, where you will one day become a black belt but it does take many years to get there.

Your yellow taekwondo belt is the representation of Earth. This is where your taekwondo roots will begin to take hold as you begin to transform into a beautiful part of the earth, usually a plant.

Similar to the white belt you will have to do a number of hours to move up the Taekwondo belt order to achieve the green belt. Remember patience is key.

Green Belt

Now you have made it to the green taekwondo belt. This is where different academies begin to differ as to how you work up the rankings. For example, instead of a green belt, this belt may be an orange one.

The green taekwondo belt represents the plant that you are turning into and how you are growing and becoming stronger while embracing the world around you.

While the green taekwondo belt takes just as long to achieve as the two previous taekwondo belts that do not mean it will be just as easy. To obtain this belt you have to work harder than you have before with a stronger will to practice and have the patience that everything will come to you within the right amount of time.

Moving up the belt order and on to the new Taekwondo belt ranking, we have the blue belt.

Blue Belt

This is the strongest you have ever been. You are now more in touch with yourself and your ability to have patience in times of struggle is impressive. You have made it to the blue taekwondo belt and are nearing the end of your belt order.

The blue taekwondo belt represents the sky or the heavens above meaning that your taekwondo skills are growing strong and that the once very small plant is now a strong plant that can reach and touch the sky and the heavens.

To achieve the blue taekwondo belt you have to work three times as hard as you have had to work previously. This belt takes approximately 6 months to achieve, maybe a little more, maybe a little less depending on your skill level.

Red Belt

Congratulations! You have made it to what is in most academies the second to last taekwondo belt. You have worked so hard to come as far as you have but that does not mean it came easily.

The red taekwondo belt represents danger. As it may be evident to you, you have become one dangerous human being but with that, you have learned the many different values in life.

This Taekwondo belt takes 6 months. Meaning it will take you just as long as it took you to get the blue taekwondo belt but it may take even longer because you will come across tests that you haven’t experienced previously as you moved up the Taekwondo belt order.

Brown Belt

This is the most common second to last taekwondo belt that the world knows about but most people do not know what this belt represents or how hard you had to work to acquire this brown taekwondo belt.

Brown represents the full strong tree you have become. You are rooted in your Earth and cannot be moved. You help with the balance in this world.

This Taekwondo belt does take much longer to achieve in comparison to all of your previous belts and you may stay with your brown belt for years to come because gaining a black belt will take all of your patience. This brown taekwondo belt may take you anywhere from 6 months to a couple years to achieve and then from there you have opened your doorway to the black belt.

Black Belt

You have made it to the final taekwondo belt, the black belt. You have worked your way up the Taekwondo belt order and endured every test that has been thrown your way. You are now apart of an elite group of athletes and martial artists that have endured just as much as you to get to this level.

Your new black belt is a representation of how much you have matured. Black represents maturity and just look at how much you have grown from the original innocent white belt to a mature human being who has found their connection to their own Earth.

This black belt may take you a minimum of 2 years but it doesn’t just stop here, the longer you practice the higher up the Taekwondo ranking you can move. This means you will gain more respect as you keep moving up.

You should note that there are first and second degrees for some of these belts which mean it may take even longer to move up the belt order. For example, the yellow taekwondo belt may have a first and second degree, the first degree is just the yellow belt but the second-degree belt will be a yellow taekwondo belt with a green stripe through it.

However you move up the Taekwondo ranking, may you have a peaceful journey.